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In order to participate you need to have all of the gear listed below. Skaters will not be allowed to participate in practices without all gear that fits securely and is in good condition.


We have some loaner gear available, however once skaters have become dedicated to the sport, participants are expected to purchase their own gear.



  • Quad roller skates (rentals are available until the skater’s own can be purchased). While any quad skates will make do for beginner skaters, non-derby skates will hinder your skater’s progress. Quality, derby-specific skates are the most important piece of equipment your skater will desire. This will give them the ability to change wheels, toe stops, plates and trucks to better suit their skating style as well as the surface they are skating on. Some popular affordable name brands of skates are Riedell (R3's, etc.), Bonts, and Sure-Grip.

  • Properly fitted helmet (no bicycle helmets)

  • Knee pads. Make sure the knee pad fits tight enough so that it will not slide off. Knee pads will compress over time and wear out, so they should be inspected regularly for cracks, rips, and exposed rivets. Some name brands are Pro-Tec, 187, and TripleEight.

  • Elbow pads. Elbow pads should fit snugly just like knee pads. You should treat your elbow pads just as you would knee pads – inspection, care and maintenance are essential for long lasting protection.

  • Wrist guards: Wrist guards are designed to protect your hands and wrist. They absorb impacts to the hand and give support to your wrists. Some guards have splints on the top or bottom and some have splints on both sides. Like all protective gear, your wrist guards need to be sized correctly for optimum support.

  • Mouth Guards: Mouth guards protect against concussions, the inside of your mouth, and teeth. There are a few different styles to choose from. Most skaters use the boil and mold mouth guards. You can also have a custom one made by a dentist or buy a non-molding type.  A lot of our skaters recommend the SISU Mouth Guard.



  • Roll of duct tape (repair loose pads, tape feet, etc.)

  • Skate tool (adjusting trucks, axle nuts, and toe stops)

  • Spare bearings, axle nuts, toe stops, laces, and mouth guard





There is a lot of gear to purchase and many options; knowing which one is best for your skater can be overwhelming. MARS has teamed up with Derby Warehouse to offer you a discount on purchasing gear. At Checkout use promo code "MARSJRD" to receive 10% off all eligible items!


Medusa Skates also has junior roller derby equipment available. Check out their shop online here.


Care and Maintenance of Gear:

Roller derby gear is an investment so make sure your gear lasts as long as possible by taking care of it. Moisture, metal, and plastic are a bad combination when left to marinate, so be sure to remove your gear from your skate bag after practice and bouts to preserve the integrity of your equipment where moisture will occur. It is also recommended to use some kind of bacteria neutralizing agent to keep your gear from getting too pungent. Additionally, please review equipment maintenance directions.

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